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  • The best part is that time is free and everybody has an equal portion of it.

The best part is that time is free and everybody has an equal portion of it.

January 9, 2020 Sandy Hum Comments Off

We all have some to spare! Many people believe that you cannot do good in this world without money. But money is actually not the most valuable resource we have. Money can always be replenished. Time cannot–once it is used it is gone.

Maybe this is why many people spell “Love” as T-I-M-E. Time is considered extremely valuable and truly demonstrates that we really care. For many people, time is their primary love language–it’s how they really feel loved.

When we go to third world countries, one of the most common reactions is that people are touched by the fact we would take time out of our busy lives to demonstrate kindness and compassion. This effect exponentially increases when groups of people from all walks of life and economic levels spend time together. Time can make a substantial impact.

Don’t have time to go? There are other ways to be generous with your time.

You can give time locally. Spending just an hour a day or even a week sharing, training or just be available is a valuable contribution. You can volunteer in local venues and projects.

One word of caution: Remember how we said you can never get time back? This is why many people end up regretting their stewardship of time. Just like money, time must be managed properly. We have spoken with many people at the end of their lives, and people rarely regret how they spent their money. Many often lament that they did not spend the time they could have with those they loved and living a life of purpose.

Regret is a powerful and dangerous emotion. Don’t let it sink in by letting time slip away.

Consider how you use your time… everybody has it to give… why not be generous with it?

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