Social responsibility is always the catalyst for business transformation.

The Legacy Group of Companies expresses its vision for corporate social responsibility in two primary ways.

First, we regularly champion and support local to international non-profit organizations. These organizations align with our core vision and values. These partnerships consist of financial support, mentorship, operational services and strategic advisory.

Second, we created a philanthropic subsidiary called “The Journey of Discovery.” 

Established in 2009, The Journey of Discovery is a non-profit “voluntourism” organization where we take teams of people from all different backgrounds for one to two weeks of social projects and humanitarian relief in third world countries. We also operate local projects to train socially responsible leaders to discover their calling and continue working to make an impact in our own backyards.

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As one can imagine, here at the Legacy Group we are approached by several charities and philanthropic initiatives that are seeking funding on a consistent basis. Our hearts say that we want to fund it all, but unfortunately we have to make wise decisions based upon current resources. Our charitable participation is selected firstly through our purpose and passions and secondly, through careful consideration of the right people behind each endeavor.

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