We are proud to call each employee within our group of companies “family” and treat them as such.

Represented below is the Legacy Group Management team who serve and uphold our core beliefs and mission.


Steve C.

By the world’s standards, Steve is a self-made success story. But for him, it goes much deeper than that into the core of his beliefs. Steve is the founder and serves as the President of the Legacy Group. His passion is to provide a corporate umbrella where individuals from all walks of Life can prosper and mature to achieve professional success, personal fulfillment, and overall freedom. Our purpose and vision statements come from Steve’s belief that if every individual puts in the sacrificial work to become great, business growth takes care of itself. Never afraid to lead by example, you will often find Steve around the world overseeing social projects in third-world nations, or scouting the next opportunity to make a social impact. 

“Keeper of the Light”



Sandy H.

Sandy  is the personification of loyalty and dedication. As the longest tenured member of the Legacy Group, Sandy has experienced professional growth and personal transformation through the years. This allows her to be the cornerstone and set the administrative foundation of the Legacy Group. She brings warmth and professionalism into all she does while facilitating different areas of management with systems and structure.

Accounting & Systems Director



Annerieke C.

Annerieke  completes our team of directors by contributing the intangible aspects of leadership and culture that every organization needs to move from just good to truly great. Annerieke and her role represent the Legacy Group’s commitment to people. Her ability to connect with employees on the deepest level and identify insights that other often miss represent a key strategic asset to the entire portfolio of companies.

Development Director



Sue W.

Accounting is a necessity and often dreaded by many; however, Sue embraces the profession and believes in the work for fun attitude. We must do good work, but have fun doing it. This is what her department is all about and she champions the attitude to her colleagues. When Sue is not working, you can find her on the golf course!

Senior Chief Accountant



Diane G.

Diane is one of the other most longest tenured members of the team. She brings a high standard of success with the knowledge and commitment to back it up. Diane has participated in social projects personally in Nicaragua and believes in the vision.

Senior Auditing Specialist



Vanessa T.

Vanessa recently joined our team, always brining her smile as well as her bright personality. She has an IT background that compliments her accounting skills, needless to say, Vanessa learns quickly and is always willing to take on challenges thrown her way. When she is not in the office crunching numbers, she is playing ball hockey with her team or looking for something active to do.

Junior Accounting & Payroll



Teresa P.

Teresa is friendly and firm with a consistent “let’s do it right” attitude. Teresa has taken on challenge after challenge when it comes to systems control and process across the entire organization. She is literally a learning and productivity machine. Now a wife and mother raising a young family, Teresa is leading and supporting in so many more unique ways.

Process & Systems Specialist


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