Why join our team?

When you come to work for any subsidiary of the Legacy Group of Companies, you become part of our overall purpose. We believe in:


Character is what you do when nobody is looking. To us, character is caught not taught. We “hire for attitude and train for skill.” Do you have the character we are looking for?


Everybody wants to get good at what they do. That’s why we provide education and training sponsorship opportunities to advance your value.


Building a positive environment is important. There are activities such as weekly floor hockey, volleyball, badminton and dodgeball. Also our fully equipped fitness center for cardio and weight training is available to you no charge as part of our wellness program.


What’s most important to us is making a social difference. This is why we created an organization called The Journey of Discovery. When you work for any of our companies, you are making social projects and humamitarian relief around the world possible. We sponsor employees to go to third world countries and truly explore their calling. Who knows, maybe you will join us? For more information visit: www.thejourneyofdiscovery.com. 

We support local charities as well! Feel free to ask us about our social responsibility donations.